Comparison of FOUR online MSN programs - time to complete, hours per week, etc.

  1. I'm researching which online MSN Nurse Educator programs are right for me. The ones I have found that interest me all cost somewhere in the $20,000 range for tuition cost to complete.

    So far the four I'm considering are

    Benedictine University
    Jacksonville University
    Georgetown University

    My questions for anyone who is currently in any of these MSN online programs or who has graduated from one of these programs are as follows. Answers to any are appreciated. Please just put which question number you are answering in your reply for the ease of all readers. Thanks!

    1 - Did you go full or part time - how many credits a term?
    2 - How many hours per week did you average for study and completing assignments?
    3 - How many months did it or will it take for your to complete?
    4 - If books and fees are in addition to tuition, what was your average cost of books per term?
    5 - How easy was it to work with their financial aid department?
    6 - How easy was their online interface to use?
    7 - How much did you interact with your cohort of students. How much group work was involved?
    8- If you have graduated, where are you now (job and career-wise)? Do you think your school you graduated from had any bearing on your ability to find a job that utilizes your masters?
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  3. by   marycarney
    Have you considered WGU? I completed their MSN-Education Specialist program for UNDER $6K in 12 months.
  4. by   amberhoffman3
    I am considering WGU, however I'm concerned about its transferability if I pursue a masters and also how employers may look at the degree. How easy was it to find work after you graduated?
  5. by   marycarney
    My employer is trying to get me to go for a DNP right now, and MANY of our managers are enrolled in the MSN program right now. It is looked upon VERY favorably in my large hospital system.

    My capstone project is being presented as an educational offering with CEUs, and won me another hospital-sponsored grant for a follow-up study.