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  1. Well, I've made up my mind. I'm going back for my BSN, then maybe even my MSN. But gotta take it 1 step at a time. I think I've decided on a local college here in NC. The college is only 45 min. from me, but the RN/BSN is 100% online. I have to knock out a couple of prereqs first, but then I'll be ready. My question is about clinicals. It states clinicals will be arranged in my hometown, so no problem there. I'm more curious about the type of clinicals. I know every program is different, but I haven't talked to an advisor yet. In general with BSN programs, is it geared more toward acute care settings or more of a community health/managerial setting? I haven't worked med-surg in years, have been mostly managerial/paperwork nurse. If I'm gonna be thrown onto a med surg floor and told to go for it, Im guessing I need to take a refresher class or something. To those who have finished or are finishing, what were your clinical experiences like? I swore if I made it thru the ADN clinicals I'd never do it again, lol. I keep flashing back to putting in my first catheter in a patient that was on respiratory and contact isolation. I was standing there, middle of summer, gowned and gloved and masked like he had Ebola, with the teacher holding a flashlight and his wife hovering over me asking if I knew what I was doing. My hands were shaking so bad it's a wonder I ever got it in! I could do it with my eyes closed now, but that's still a pretty traumatic memory! :uhoh21:
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  3. by   Tweety
    Clinicals for RN to BSN programs are typically community health and leadership.

    A coworker here spent time in a shelter for adolecents, analyzing their health care/social needs, etc. Another did hours in a free clinic. My comunity health clinical hours were two teaching projects where I gave informaiton to two different populations. Also you might have to spend time with a "leader" such as a manager or director.

    I had to do "clinicals" with a NP or MD doing assessments in my assessment class.

    But no, the clinicals are not going to be floor nursing.