1. what is the difference? I am trying to decide how to go about getting credit for Lifespan and since I had some time, I thought I would take this cheaper route. However, I don't know much about these two, so could anyone enlighten me? Which would you suggest and what book/ study guide do you recommend?

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  3. by   TNcanNURSE
    Took the CLEP version today and passed.

    Would have been easier if I had used the CLEP materials. I studied using EC outlines etc. and the CLEP outlines are totally different.

    Check out the CLEP study guides and the online CLEP outlines if you plan to go that route.
  4. by   mona b RN
    From what I understand, Dantes are supposed to be generally easier than the cleps. I think they are cheaper but you don't get the results as fast as you do with clep.

    Good Luck

    mona b
  5. by   indianamomx2
    what are cleps and dantes. I am not familiar with those. I grad may 2003 for lpn and want to take prereqs for RN. DO I go and take online courses, if so where? I still get financial aid until Fall of this year.
  6. by   TNcanNURSE
    The charge for the CLEP exams is $50, but the college you take it at will probably charge you a little extra to line their pockets with. The college I take my CLEP exams charges $20 which I think is about the average cost. Still very cheap.

    I don't know how much the DANTES exams run. I am in the ASN program and none of the classes I need are necessarily DANTES. The list I have of DANTES tests lists only business and finance type classes which I don't need.
  7. by   TNcanNURSE
    Originally posted by indianamomx2
    what are cleps and dantes?
    The CLEP (College level examination program) is a test that you take to "test out" of general college classes. Most of the general ed. and prerequisites for nursing can be clepped. Dantes is another testing program (Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education support) It is originally for military personnel, but anyone can also take the DANTES tests.

    Nursing class tests are provided by Excelsior exam. Through Excelsior you don't take online classes. You get the materials you need, study all the key areas and test. If you pass you get college level credit in order to earn enough to meet the requirements for a degree. If you don't pass you can retake the test.

    Actually if you are up for it, you could begin to take CLEPs now. Anybody can take a CLEP test. You don't have to be enrolled in anything.
  8. by   chad75
    Do most colleges accept clep test results, I remember reading excelsior takes most (I think english comp was the exception). If that is the case why wouldn't most people in the excelsior program clep out of all their basic education courses, 50 bucks sure beats the 160.00 excelsior charges? What is the advantage of taking the test with excelsior versus clep?

    Its cheaper, and I imagine you could get study guides and other materials to clep just as easily as you get them to take the excelsior exams.