CLEP Exams

  1. ok i am finally ready to start excelsior and would appreciate some advice from those of you who are attending excelsior or who have graduated.

    i got my evaluation and have to take basically everything as follows.
    my question is other than a&p, microbiology, nursing concepts, cpne, and info literacy, what clep exams can i take to satisfy everything else, if possible.
    thanks in advance for taking the time to read this post.
    listed below are the requirements you still need to complete:

    general education degree component

    humanities distribution
    3.00 semester hours in humanities subjects
    3.00 semester hours to meet the humanities core requirement

    social sciences/history distribution
    2.00 semester hours in life span developmental psychology
    2.00 semester hours in sociology
    6.00 semester hours in social science/history subjects

    natural sciences/math distribution
    4.00 semester hours in anatomy & physiology (all body systems)
    2.00 semester hours in microbiology
    2.00 semester hours in sciences supportive of nursing

    arts & sciences electives
    6.67 semester hours in arts & sciences electives

    information literacy requirement
    nursing component
    to satisfy the nursing component, you must complete the following examinations:

    nursing concepts 1
    nursing concepts 2
    nursing concepts 3
    nursing concepts 4
    nursing concepts 5
    nursing concepts 6
    nursing concepts: foundations of professional practice
    clinical performance in nursing (cpne)
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