Chancellors. Good or Bad?

  1. Hello. I have been a practicing LPN in many areas for 11 years. I am going to be distance studying to Excelsior. I am considering using Chancellor's learning system. For several basic reasons. First, I can not afford the cost of books-even ebay ones. The $99/mo is doable. Second, the learning lab. From checking EC students have a 40% fail rate for the CPNE. Chancellors has a 5%. It is a 5 day hands on clinical. Third, it is easier for me to go through study guides then look up on line or in my old books items which I feel will need furthur clarification and study. I completed most of my prereq's for my RN during my LPN years. I will cross reference my needs with EC. The only courses that I will have to retake (per Chancellors) is AP. I will cross reference with Ec for the accuracy of this statement. I would like pros and cons of Chancellors please...Michelle
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  3. by   xenogenetic
    Go for it then, Michelle! I used Chancellor's materials and like them alot. Sure, you'll be paying full retail for the materials if you do go directly through Chancellor's, but it's better to pay a high cost for the achievement of your goal rather than not achieve your goal at all. Remember to download the free content guides that Excesior offers as well since those might help guide your studies. Good luck, and go get that RN that I know you darn well deserve!