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  1. Is there anyone out there who can kind of discribe how the A & P test looks for Excelsior College. Is it extremly difficult or common since for a practicing nurse? Also Exelsior told me the wait to take their CPNE is about 6 months is it possible to complete the program in 12 months or less? I have all the nursing courses and 4 pre reqs to complete. I truly want to get started and get done. I recently signed up with chancellor's. There study guides where $295 each and they offered me a $50 rebate for each test that I passed. The also have a program that you pay $99 a month with no interest on it and they have a care plan lab(for CPNE) which caught my eye. I tried Excellsior about 5 years ago(not enrolled), their study guides and recommended book list. It works out better for me to spend $295 to have all the materials together then buy Excelisor's study packs that where about the same price or more(numerous books). I figured that this would be good since I have to pay for the test and enrollment fee's for the school. This is just MY experience so far. I am excited and nervous.
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  3. by   Mudwoman
    I bought study guides from College Network and although they were helpful, I still found that I needed my other nursing texts and some of the recommended EC texts which I found on amazon and ebay used for a fraction of the cost.

    The A & P test is a CLEP test that EC accepts. It is not an EC test per se. I used the A & P text from nursing school and my tests from nursing school to study by and passed.

    I don't what kind of time you have to devote to studying. I found I needed about 6-8 weeks per NC test and I also found that I needed a couple of weeks between tests as a break. I tried to do too many too fast when I first got started and I failed NC3 because of it. I was in overload.
  4. by   Nurse4-Life
    Thanks for the advice.
  5. by   EricJRN
    I would agree with the advice about trying to find the recommended texts online, but disagree with the statement that A&P is not an Excelsior College Examination.

    EC developed the exam by appointing a committee of professors. The EC A&P Exam is completely independent of CLEP. I'm not sure if there is an A&P CLEP exam, but you wouldn't want to confuse the two because they would be distinct entities.