Chamberlain ASN/ADN program

  1. Hi there, I am interested in applying for the Chamberlain ASN/ADN program and wanted to know if there were any in the program currently who had input. I am a non-nurse, but I am a medical transcriptionist so pretty familliar with healthcare and terminology, etc. I am really wanting to know from others who weren't already a nurse who are now in the program what they think about the program. I was a nursing major in the past, so I have a lot of the prereq's (but don't know if they have a 5 year, 10 year, etc limit on the science classes). The whole concept of completing a nursing degree online is really wild to me. I didn't even know the possibility existed until I came to these boards. I don't feel like I will have a problem at all with independent learning, the shadowing under a nurse at the local facility for clinical's seems interesting. I do hate to miss out on the nursing school comraderie amongst the nursing students I experienced when I was a nursing major a long time ago, as you have when you attend a traditional college setting program, and I do think it almost helps to have that as you learn. I am a divorced single mother of two though, and think this might be a great opportunity for me. I would love to know how others think about the program, how they are doing in the program, and any input about it.
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  3. by   laurenproemsey
    I definitely have some input, but it may not be what you were hoping to hear. I started the ASN online program at Chamberlain in July and just started my first nursing course this semester. So far it has been a terrible experience, and I am FAR from the only student in my class who would say that. It seems like every time I have to deal with Chamberlain, it is some kind of huge ordeal. My first class is also completely disorganized. None of us knew our grades or were given any clue about how we were doing until halfway through the class. Even now, we recieve very little feedback, if any from our airheaded instructors. Also, I recently checked the Missouri Board of Nursing's website (which I would suggest that you do as well, no matter what school you choose). I was horrified to discover that Chamberlain has THE LOWEST board pass rate of ANY school in Missouri, BY FAR. I am looking into other programs, but my loans with Chamberlain are already so expensive that I may not be able to afford to go to another school for a couple of years. I would DEFINITELY NOT recommend this school to anyone. I do not know where you are located, but if on-campus is an option for you, there are many other great programs in the St. Louis area. Jefferson College in Hillsboro is the only school I know of that does nights and weekends if that would be better for your schedule. Hope I was helpful :-) -Lauren-
  4. by   Sillynicunurse
    This school is bad news. They are in jepardy of losing the accredidation (sp?) for the online program because of their poor pass rates. I am 3 months away from completing this program and I would not recommend this school to anyone. Spend your money somewhere that you can get a quality education.
  5. by   ~KrisC~
    One word....


    Not worth the heartache, headache, disappointment, and expense!
  6. by   grad2be
    Well I hope you took the advice from the other posters and turned your energy towards a different path. I am a CCN student currently 12 weeks from graduating the ASN online program in St. Louis and yesterday received the official announcement from the college that they would be working with the board to close this program. I love your comment about online nursing being a wild concept - apparently it was too much for this school to wrap their heads around also!! :angryfire Their pass rates are in the toilet for both the online program and the ASN on campus program. I highly suggest you take your money elsewhere.
  7. by   ~KrisC~

    Does this mean you won't be able to finish? I guess this might explain why I haven't gotten my loans reversed yet....they are pretty busy out there.

    This is horrible!
  8. by   paper1225
    Yes, this program is bad news and I advise anyone to run. I am to graduate in Oct08, and it looks as though this will not happen. I did not even find this out because they were gracious enough to call me-it was because I logged onto the studen portal and found what I will call a "Dear John" letter. We knew we were in review, State even came last semester and "assured" us we would be fine and they would work with us.........we will see. Right now I do not even know what to do my semester over even though we only started 5 weeks ago and it should not be over until the end of February. Since they posted this letter on Friday late afternoon, there is no one to call. Another student called our teacher-but she did not even know about this situation. I and most other students have dealt with a lot each semester from hospital changes, class changes and a lot of other frustations-this has definately taken the cake. Now I am trying to figure out what to do - do I try and move to another program at the same school...or just sit and wait for all my $$ to be given back and get into another (better) school? Any advice is welcome. What a great Christmas present this is........and birthday, my birthday is in less than two weeks also...........
  9. by   grad2be
    Quote from ~KrisC~

    Does this mean you won't be able to finish? I guess this might explain why I haven't gotten my loans reversed yet....they are pretty busy out there.

    This is horrible!
    Noone knows what will happen yet. We received an announcement on the student portal apologizing for any inconvenience and telling us they would work with each of us individually to make accomodations. Those of us who have dealt with this school know that that could take years!! Good luck with your loan situation. I may be in the same situation soon - erghhhh
  10. by   ~KrisC~
    One huge question I had while I was deciding what to do was (they were dangling a carrot by saying that approval in my state was just on the horizon), but I asked myself:

    If I manage to finish the program and get my diploma from this school in the wake of the controversy with pass rates, constant staff turnover, and poor student treatment, how marketable will I be in the medical field? Will the poor reputation of this school attach to me as I begin my new career? The BON's are aware of the negatives surrounding this school or they would not have pulled approval in outlying states, and of course the MO board now offering assistance in closing the program, I am sure if a potential employer would request information from a BON when considering a CCN graduate-they would fill them in, and the position would go to someone else.

    I requested a leave of absence while the school secured approval in my state and worked things out with the MO board, I felt that under the circumstances and all that I had a stake in the long run, that the request wasn't too much to ask.....the Dean refused my request, and of course I opted to leave the program. This was just in October!!! They had to of known the fate of the program at that time!!!!!!!!!! Ironically, the day I had a conference call with a couple of admin. I was told that my states approval was just granted that day.....amazing!!!!!!!!!!! However I was encouraged by one person to stick with my decision to of course I know why....they had to of known when they were filling the classes for fall.....

    I have read the statement on the portal, it says that the school would assist in transfer to other programs.....nursing courses do not transfer to other institutions, I have tried several in my state and found that I simply wasted my time, effort, and energy.

    I am sure they will place to option on the table to transfer to the Ohio campus, the program there is new enough that there are not any stats on pass rates yet. But the question remains about the graduates credibiltity when the school has such a horrible track record.

    Good luck to us all!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. by   ~KrisC~
    The BON is closing the online program due to low pass rates on the NCLEX. I am not surprised that you don't know about this, but I'd talk to your advisor to see where you stand.
  12. by   grad2be
    Yes. Chamberlain's online program is being closed. Luckily (I guess) I am set to graduate at the end of this term and will be allowed to sit for boards. Chamberlain has assured us that since we are graduating from an accredited institution we will not incur any problems. My classmates and I, however, are wondering the same thing you did - how will this affect us when trying to obtain a position?? I can only hope that it will not have a negative impact, and if it does, that I can prove damages for legal action. I paid a ton of money for this program and am now just hoping that it will all work out. What else can I do? Like you said, noone is going to transfer my nursing classes. Classes graduating thru October are going to be allowed to finish, I don't know what the other students will have to go thru, but I fear for them!
  13. by   paper1225
    I am also in this same situation, but was one of the "lucky" ones that they extended the closing date for and I graduate 10/08. I have requested an official letter from the state board of nursing stating that once I finish the classes listed on my cirriculum with passing grades, I will be allowed to sit for the NCLEX. I have not received this yet, only emails from misc. people at Chamberlain. I have also told them I will not pay the remainder of balance due until this happens..........
    Even though the online program has a bad rap, I am unsure of how true this is for the other programs they offer. A nights/weekend BSN program is about to open and another campus in Arizona(think that is the state) is about to open. As you can see, I am trying to have faith-but I am not going to let them make any promises anymore without the follow through!
    Good luck grad2be-are you in the June graduating class?
  14. by   ~KrisC~
    I finally got word that my loans were refunded this week. I was told that I would have to sign some paperwork that would require me to 'keep quiet', however have yet to get it in the mail. I am looking at another local program, and am scheduled to take an entrance exam next month, but my experience at CCN has me so afraid of it all happening again, the old saying "if it happens once, shame on you...if it happens twice shame on me" keeps pounding in my head.

    Good luck to all of you who will trying to complete their program under this added stress. My prayers ware with you