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Hi there, I am interested in applying for the Chamberlain ASN/ADN program and wanted to know if there were any in the program currently who had input. I am a non-nurse, but I am a medical... Read More

  1. by   paper1225
    I am glad they are finally coming through for you Kris. If I would have been able to receive a refund and leave-I would have done it, but it was not offered to me, and after 4 semesters at CCN-I have about 18000 in student loans........I could not just walk away with that, I needed something from it all!
  2. by   grad2be
    Thanks for the well wishes. Good luck to you too Paper1225. I am actually due to graduate at the end of this term March '08 WOO HOO I cannot wait to get done with CCN. I was really happy for you Oct grads when I heard they were extending it for you. It would suck to get that close - and pay that much money - only to hit a wall.

    KrisC, glad they got your loans refunded. Please don't hesitate to start another program based on your experience with this one. I know that each program has its quirks, but this one has to be at the top of the heap for "quirkiness" (trying to say it as nicely as possible) Also, even though you have your refund I would hesitate to sign anything without legal counsel. After all, did they reimburse you for your time wasted, emotional distress, etc??? Just a thought.