CCCOnline: Which home school?

  1. ok, so it looks like i'll be taking micro thru ccconline

    now which home school should i pick? does it matter? i'm getting overwhelmed with the choices!

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  3. by   Amy P
    I'm taking micro through CCCOnline right now and I went through CCD (Community College of Denver). I have found them to be really easy to work with.

  4. by   TopCat1234
    Quote from amy p
    i'm taking micro through ccconline right now and i went through ccd (community college of denver). i have found them to be really easy to work with.

    amy - do you have to pay a lot of additional fees or just the ccconline tuition?

  5. by   vermonster
    Are you taking it this summer-I think that is when the next course begins? How much is the base tuition? I am thinking of taking it online as well for the flexibility during the summer but I am sort of waiting to see if our local community college offers it? Would anyone with experience taking micro or human growth and development at CCConline PM me please?
  6. by   Amy P
    I just looked at my bill and it was $561.40 for the micro class. That included a $21.60 instructional program fee. The class is good and with my instructor we do a chapter per week. (So I'm sure in the summer you would have more than 1 chapter per week.) For each chapter we have questions, a lab (that is done on the computer with simulation software), discussion postings and a test. After 3 chapters, there is an exam on those 3 chapters. So there are like 5 exams, I think. I have enjoyed the class and the lab software is very cool. The labs definately take a while to do, but once you get used to the software, they are not too bad. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  7. by   TopCat1234
    Quote from vermonster
    are you taking it this summer-i think that is when the next course begins? how much is the base tuition?
    yes, summer session begins on june 7th. i am just waiting to hear back from the nursing programs on whether it would be accepted or not. base tuition is $134.90 per unit x 4 units = $539.40. plus those additional fees amy mentioned.

    i'm looking forward to it. i took a community extension class online last fall and i thoroughly enjoyed it. it just worked out better for me, as i was working a lot of hours at the time and traveling for my job. i could access the lesson on my laptop while traveling instead of missing a class. i loved it!