CCConline micro text???

  1. Hey everyone.....I have gotten help before from this page and it seems that I need it again. I am taking Microbiology online through CCConline this semester. Problem is that I'm really low on funds and need any information on gettting a text or the kit for a cheaper price. I took work off to finish my last prerequisites which are both lecture/lab courses. PLEASE....if anyone could help....I would REALLY appreciate it. If you have ANY information or help.....I need it desperately and FAST...please email me at or reply and it'll be GREATLY appreciated. The text we are suppossed to be using is Microbiology: A systems approach. 1st edition. Oh......and I guess I'm suppossed to have a microscope and immersion lens for the labs......any ideas????? I live in Fresno, CA which has a lot of the "bigger" and THANKS!!!
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    Try I buy a lot of books from them.