California, RN degree requirement

  1. Does anybody know what are the required curriculum for the RN (Associates degree). Looked all over BON website don't seem to find it. I guess I"m gonna need to call them.
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  3. by   mollymil
    Here is a site with some general info on RN in Cal....I have not found any specifics yet though. Good luck!
  4. by   mollymil
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  5. by   marshalbc77
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    Sorry....the link didn't seem to post..try again...
    thanks for the link
  6. by   Sheri257
    Actually, the ADN cirricumlum can vary by school, especially pre-reqs.

    If you're looking for info by school, this list should help.

    It has links to every ADN program website in the state.

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  7. by   MonkeyRN
    What part of CA are you in? I go to Cypress college in Orange County. The prereqs before you can apply are A&P and a nursing philosophy class. You have to take micro during the first semester but most people take it before they apply or are on the waiting list. They only let 40 in per semester, 10 come off the waiting list which has 250 people on it right now. Thirty are let in based on points you get for the grades in your science classes.