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hello :wavey: i've recently learned that university of phoenix has added a new nursing program which is lpn to bsn degree. has anyone here heard about it or is going through that program? i... Read More

  1. by   JustAboutRN
    I received a private message from someone about this..however, I cannot reply. So..I will respond to both the private message and the last message posted. I am currently in the UOP LPN to BSN program in Colorado. It definately has its pros and cons. The format is traditional, so you do attend weekly classes. There are clinicals, as required by the Board of Nursing. UOP is accredited by the Colorado State Board of Nursing.
    I know UOP had some issues in the past few years and had some low NCLEX pass rates. The program has gone through some changes, including adding the HESI and other things. My take on it get out of your education what you put into it. Most of the instructors I've had are good teachers and they try to help you succeed. I also realize I need to put forth the effort and get out of it what I need to succeed in the program. Hopefully they can work out the kinks and make the program even better.
    UOP, along with other nursing schools in Colorado, now has a two year if you choose to attend UOP, apply early!!
  2. by   Rcs512
    Thank you for your advice. Im an Lpn, and am interested in the lpn to bsn program for uop. if you dont mind me asking, how much are you paying total for the degree? My husband is military so i see they have a certain discount, also is it really a 18 or 19 month program? Thanks again
  3. by   JustAboutRN
    UOP is expensive! I think when I get done the total will be about 20K. My cost is the low end because I only had to take 4 classes (gen 300, A&P, college algebra, pharm) then nrsing classes. I have a previous degree which helped out with other gen ed. classes. My advice to ANYONE going to a private university is to get your general studies done at a community college (while on a waitlist for your school of choice). It will save you thousands in the end. The minimum time it takes to get a BSN at UOP is 2 1/2 years (18 months). Longer of course if you have to take pre-reqs. Hope this helps!!
  4. by   ramacasu1
    2 1/2 years or 18 months?
  5. by   NC Girl BSN
    Quote from DEBDEB803
    Hi! I was actually taking online classes with UOP and found out that it was for healthcare administration although they told me at the time of enrollment that it was for the nursing program, but then I really found out you have to be a LPN/RN already licensed to be in their nursing program. I stopped my classes with UOP and I'm thinking about Excelsior college.
    You still have to have your LPN or Paramedic licenses to do the Excelsior. Other exceptions I think they accept Drs, midwives, army corpsmen and people who have completed over 50%of a traditional RN program.
  6. by   NC Girl BSN
    Quote from joannd
    this might be a dumb question:
    why would you go from lpn to bsn. why not go from lpn to rn to bsn.

    i'm real new, so please be easy on me.

    really don't know the answer.
    i think people do rn-bsn first because of preference. i got my lpn-rn first because i wanted to be a rn and make more money asap. i enrolled in a rn-bsn a year later and the hospital is paying for it. that was a real benefit. so it just the depends on the person and the availibility of the program.