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Doesn't apply to me as I enrolled prior to the CA cutoff date and would sooner die than live in Kansas. Has anybody ever considered filing suit against a BON for not recognizing an EC education?... Read More

  1. by   Sheri257
    Quote from jamie009
    I was assured by the ksbn before I started the program that Excelsior College would be accepted.
    I agree with you on this. At the very least, Kansas should have grandfathered people in like California did. It was extremely unfair not to do that.

    My guess is that you probably have a legal case but, of course, only a lawyer would know for sure.

    Good luck.

  2. by   RN34TX
    I signed the petition, wrote the governer and all of the Kansas board members.
    Good luck to everyone in Kansas!
    And why have I not seen any of this stuff for people attempting to fight the CA decision? Is it out there?
    I'll admit, however, that KS was a lot nastier in that they told potential students in the beginning that it was accepted and then turned around after they invested time, money, and effort into the program that they would not be eligible for licensure.
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  3. by   MidwifeMom
    Thanks so much to everyone who is helping by signing the petition and writing letters to ksbn & the governor.

    We still have a lot of signatures to get so keep them coming.

    Thanks again
  4. by   RN34TX
    So far I've gotten two replies back from KS BON. One from the president and both basically giving me the same "doesn't meet state requirements for clinical" routine.
    It still doesn't answer what will become of KS current EC students and graduates that are not yet licensed.
    They did say that they are "working" on possible solutions and are keeping open communication with EC so that the school will meet KS requirements.
    I just think that they need to keep hearing from EC grads who are working as RN's, particularly those in the state of KS who were licensed prior to their decision.