any excelsior students from michigan

  1. Hello everyone. A coworker told me not to go this route because she checked it out and said that it's not accredited, and that most schools wont accept the Asn or Bsn degree if I chose to go on through another school, like Uof M or university of MI etc. I don't have plans to go that far, I would just like to get my Associates or Bachelors in nursing, and this seems like the best route, I don't have time to go to a class room, and do the clinical's again, way to much prep for those clinicals, I am a single mom, and I work full time, have been an LPN for 7 years.
    LOL, I know I am rambling, (its early in the am !) basically I was curious if anyone in Michigan has had any problems with excelsor's degree.

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  3. by   MsPiggy
    No problems that I'm aware of, I work with two RN's via excelsior and I'm doing the program now :0)

    There are some states, Fl & Ca that don't accept it I think-not sure but it's the quickest easiest & cheapest way for me to go since a lot of my credits are older than 10 yr.s so the community colleges won't accept them.