Admissions process for Excelsior

  1. What is the admissions process like for Excelsior? Time frame, etc.

    Just curious if anyone has heard of someone, who's an LPN, NOT getting into Excelsior.
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  3. by   barbiedee
    You can register with Excelsior and start doing your non-nursing courses and Nursing concepts 1 and 2 before you have to enroll at the college and pay the $$ enrollment fee. As I am an LPN, I didn't have the same concern as those applying who were not LPN's, so I don't know if the acceptance procedure and time frame is the same.
  4. by   PatrickJ
    I sent in my 65 dollars, they then did the initial review of my other college transcripts and everything happened in a timely manner. I had a reply in about 10 days I think.
    In Fla you need to be an LPN first and my hospital is helping with tuition. When I sent in the regular enrollment, the real deal, they then billed the hospital for the $800 dollars enrollment fee. I am now waiting for the complete and official transcript review. Been only a week so far.
    Seems the be rather quick so far. Hope this helps
  5. by   trennas
    Hi, You can take test without enrolling in Excellsior, but if you're not enrolled, you can't get to certain pages on the website and you can't call your advisor with questions.