"International" Textbooks?

  1. i'm getting ready to start my rn-bsn program in january. i'm all set, except for books. i found a website that offers an "international edition." allegedly, the content, page #s etc is exactly the same as the "us" textbook. the only difference, they say, is that it is a soft cover vs hard cover. and the price is about 1/3 of the us edition ($50 vs $150).
    they do offer a money back guarantee....but on the other hand, i'd hate to be start the semester off with the wrong text and have to go thru that hassle, and the waiting etc....
    anyone have any experience with these international editions?
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  3. by   iwannabeanurse06
    I used an intl edition for anatomy class. It was hard cover & was exactly the same as the book everyone else had. Just my experience. HTH!
  4. by   TheCommuter
    During the spring semester of this year, I used an international edition book for my psychology class. The material was the same as the pricier edition, except for the black & white pictures, thinner pages, and significantly cheaper price. I would purchase an international edition again, in a heartbeat due to the cost savings.
  5. by   dria
    thank you both for sharing your experience with me. i feel much less nervous about giving it a try now.
    the only question left is what to do with all the money i save........