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Nursing in Nursing Home ?

Hello, I used to be on all nurses years ago, old details unable to remember.

I have been a Registered Nurse for 8 years and currently working in the Aged Care Community Nursing sector. I have been curious about picking up work in a nursing home facility on a casual basis, one day per fortnight if possible.

However, I am just wanting to know about RN role in the Nursing HOme would be? I do enjoy working with Senior Citizens and would like to gain the experience in the Nursing HOme, due to our increasing aged population. I enjoy the community nursing with the aged too, very holistic too

Thank you :)


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I would like to know the same thing. I've worked psycho-geriatric (hospital) so I understand the nursing role and am used to doing the medication rounds multiple times a day for the entire unit. The part that concerns me is knowing what things, unique to an aged care facility, need to be done per shift. Being the only RN, how would I know if I've missed something? The documentation would be different and also some of the procedures.

I would be interested to hear the daily routine and duties of an RN in an aged care facility.

I'm an RN in an aged care facility, mine is a private hospital though so my day to day activities may differ from a rest home where patients would be less acute and require less care.

We have 60 patients, 2 RNs, 1 charge nurse (day only) and multiple HCAs. Morning medication round takes me at least 2 hours, and this is only taking half of all the patients in the facility! Then I'll do any obs or weights that need doing (e.g some patients need daily bps or weights, everybody has obs and weight taken once a month). Next is doing any dressings, if I don't have many to do I'll do some paperwork and that takes me to lunch time which means another med round! Then I'll have my lunch (never have time for our designated morning break!) and after that finish any other tasks, notes or paperwork. Random tasks I have to do every day are managing peg feeds and nikkiT pumps, giving out timed meds throughout the day, liase with the doctors/pharmacist/PT etc. Also helping out the HCAs - nurses in aged care facilities don't tend to do tasks like showering, toileting, feeding etc but if a bell rings and I'm free I'll deal to it.

The above is the plan but of course I never end up following it, nothing ever seems to go to plan. Most days someone will have a fall or be unwell or a family member wants to discuss something. I find it more stressful than working in a hospital purely because when something goes wrong you're the one who deals with it and figures out the plan..while there is a doctor on call there isn't a doctor to immediately run to and limited other people to bounce ideas off. I feel lucky that I'm usually not the only nurse on shift so I never feel alone!

I am looking to getting a trial at an aged care facility for 2 days in November. I enquired with a manager and she is happy to take me on and give me a go. I think that is pretty good. I hope it works out. Aged care is booming. Is there anything Iwould need to know prior to getting acquainted with Aged Care. I work in the Aged Care Community which I do enjoy. My curiosity to work in Aged Care Facility will be another opportunity. I have noticed working in the Community my clinical skills are fading, so it would be good to pick up back in the hospital sector again too.


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