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I have been wanting to change careers from a call center to nurse because of the pay and the type of work. I know its gonna be hard work and money to get there so I'm trying to make sure that it's the best decision I make. (I was considering physical therapy or dental hygeine because they seem less stressful but I'm the type of person that will go nuts if I'm doing the same thing over and over again-i like challenge) Nursing seems very attractive to me but I keep reading about how stressful it is and how I will have to work long hours with very little vacation time a year (I have trouble handling stress sometimes). Is this true? One thread , a woman asked the same thing and a nurse told her there are "low key"(less stressful) fields of nursing she could go into but never stated what those fields are . So my second question would be anyone know what those less stress less long hour fields would be (if they even exist?) Thank YOU!

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If you don't deal with stress very well, you will have a very difficult time getting through nursing school. Staff nursing is very stressful, and getting more so. If Dental hygeine is an option, you may want to consider it instead. The salary is comparable, but hours are much better and stress is negligible compared to nursing.

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