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I am applying for a oncology position and I have emailed the nurse recruiter to find out who the one reviewing the applications would be. He emailed me back and gave me the nurse managers name but no titles such as RN, MSN etc. And I wanted to put it in the cover letter. Should I try to get ahold personally to the nurse manger and find out? or just leave it as is? Also, who would I contact to follow up and all? And how would I go about getting the nurse managers number? Sorry for all the questions but any help would be great!

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You can email the recruiter again for clarification; or call the unit secretary and ask them what the manager's credentials are and get the phone number too.

Some hospitals have a directory on their website. And there's always Googling the manager's name in "" to see what comes up.

As for follow up, I'd do that with the nurse manager - I've never dealt with nurse recruiters, so I'm not sure what the etiquette for that is, but in this job market, I'd go straight to the source.

Good luck!

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