worrying for no reason?

  1. hello all nurses. i am a recent lpn graduate here in alabama and i am quite worried that i will not be able to write licensure here in alabama. you see i had 2 arrest. one in 2009 for falsification of a police report, which was a misscommunication error that was dismissed, and another arrest in 2011 for harrassment that i was found not guilty of. originally, my attorney told me to say "no" to the question about arrest, convictions, ect... because technically my record is clear, but i was advised by another nurse to just go ahead and disclose it because if the back ground check is ran and it comes out they could decline the application as a false application and deny any future attempts to apply for a license. I have accepted responsibility for my part in both cases and i have really workied hard to turn my life around. I had 2 jobs while in nursing school, at a bank and a hospital as a student nurse. I guess more so im nervouse because one of my friends case has already been reviewed and she got her authorization to test this tuesday and she only turned in hers last tuesday and i turned mines in thursday. did i do the right thing by disclosing the arrest even though i was not convicted? or should i have kept my mouth shut? i guess my honesty to the board will convince them to allow me to test since i was honest and that is one of the pillars of being a nurse? help!!?! please??!
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    never mind! got my ATT email this mornig from pearson vue! thanks for all that looked but didnt respond!