TX-BON: 11y/o criminal hx

  1. I passed NCLEX, and just got my RN license right away, but I'm now having doubts.
    -2005, I was arrested for an $11 check w/o funds I wrote in 2001. I had relocated and didn't know about it until my arrest.
    • I was bonded out
    • Completed a special municipal program for single moms and paid the $11 to the vendor (plus the cost of the prog. and court fees).
    • The judge told me this program was to eliminate barriers to employment /education /state benefits, that the record will only show a traffic violation, and that I did not have to report it to anyone.
    • The clerk gave me some papers saying they were the only record on the case, but I lost them.

    -2010-2011: I was desperate for a job, applied as office staff everywhere (including hospitals), had no responses. Thought it was b/c I was leaving out this crime out. So I started including it. Then, I got 1 interview, that employer said nothing was found on my background, not even as a sealed record. So, I stopped including it in ALL applications.
    -2014: Applied for nursing prog., left it out, background (State & Federal) had ZERO results.
    -2016: Applied for NCLEX with Texas BON, and again left it out, background with ZERO results.
    -I just ran my own background with State and County and still ZERO results.
    Now that I'm out of school I reviewed the Jurisprudence with more time and feel like I made a big mistake
    I'm so scared to even apply for a job, I fear they may find something and report me to the board, or they may still have my old application (I can't remember if I included this crime).

    1. How can I fix this, or is there any "fixing" at all?
    2. Is this something serious?
    3. Do hospitals go back that far?
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