Surrender one licenser

  1. Anyone has surrender one state Licenser can u receive licenses from another state. I have held licenses on four other states in the past but all are expired except one other is active. Any help would be great if you have any information.
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  3. by   baldee
    If you were in High School maybe, but I don't think that is the intent of the law nor in the detail. I would learn to live with it, but keep it handy for a wildcard in case of an emergency.

    You know if you are caught driving on a suspended license, and/or they put 2 and 2 together (like why does a state citizen not have a license...), it can be up to a felony charge in some states like GA. It never ultimately is unless you are caught drinking or stealing while you are driving w/o a license too, but you have a ding on your record for a 'not convicted' felony charge, a few thousand dollar lawyer fee, and you still lose your license, maybe longer.

    It can get much worse than it is already. It would ultimately depend on what it is, traffic tickets for 6 months, or Habitual Violator for 5 years. Six months is a song and dance. 5 years on HV is forever, and a risk you don't want to take. Even with your HV work permit after 2 years, Barney Fife's will cost you a whole lot of trouble for their lack of knowledge and the law 'system' will make you pay for the record by covering Barney's mistakes up. Its a losing battle, and now BON's make every mistake something you have to explain repeatedly for the rest of your life, or your whole nursing career. Keep good records because it will not go away until someone gets the snot sued out of them for distressing employees for non-BOQ's (Bonified Occupational Qualifications) which are also privacy laws/rights covered by the Constitution and Federal laws. I don't mind the cut and dried exceptions, but this 'case by case' is bs and just a way to be 'nosey', embarrass people who have paid their debts, and beat down nurses salaries by up to 30%, imo.