received DUI in CT, have a few questions

  1. New member to allnurses, so my apologies if I am posting this in the wrong section. Also, I know this topic is discussed a bunch on here and I dont mean to be repetitive, but I have yet to find anyone talking about their (or someone they know) experience applying/going through nursing school/becoming a nurse after receiving a DUI specifically in CT.

    Long story short... I was invited to a party that was being held in celebration of a co worker and close friend that had passed away. I would not even consider myself a social drinker, it is very rare to find myself with a drink in my hand, but that night just happened to be one of those rare occasions where I did. One drink led to the next, and before I knew it I was drunk. Being more intoxicated than I ever have been in the past, I was certainly not thinking clearly, not thinking clearly led to more drinks, and eventually I figured I would drive home and head to bed. Once in my vehicle I remember re thinking what I was about to do and decided that was about the dumbest idea I have ever had. I called my friend instead to see if she could give me a lift. She said she could not, but said I could come spend the night. With her living literally 3 minutes up the road from where I was, I asked around but not to my surprise everyone said they were not driving quite yet or staying there for the night. Eventually, I went against my better judgement and got behind the wheel. Not even two minutes up the road I crashed my vehicle. My stupid choice to think I could handle driving 3 minutes up the road resulted in my DUI.

    BAC was .21, accident did not involve another vehicle or anyone else, no property damage (besides my own vehicle), and I was the only one injured. I have done everything the court and department of motor vehicle has asked me to do. Paid all of my fines and completed a 10 week alcohol education program. As long as I stay out of trouble (which I know 100% I will), I will return to court to have my case dismissed and the file/records sealed. I have already applied for the nursing program, awaiting the decision in April.

    So my questions are: Should I speak to the director of nursing at my school if/when I get accepted and figure out how severe the problems are going to be for me being accepted into clinical sites, or should I disclose this ASAP? (not trying to be sneaky but I would rather not mention it if I dont have to and create problems for myself, I do not know how my criminal record is going to appear yet).. Granted I get accepted, what are the chances that clinical sites will say they dont want me there, and if they do accept me to do my clinicals, what types of issues will I face while participating?... If I can even get as far as getting my associates, what are the chances the CT BON will deny me to sit for the NCLEX?.. If I can sit for the NCLEX and pass, what are the chances I will be put on a probationary license or something of that sort?

    I am beyond nervous and have been losing sleep thinking about how I have possibly ruined my chances of being able to do the career I have been looking forward to for a very long time. Any and all advice is welcome, please. Thank you in advance!
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    Update: I have looked more into what my criminal record may look like after I return to court and here is what I found.

    As I mentioned in my original post, when I return to court with my requirements satisfied, my case is going to be dismissed and sealed. If I am understanding what I read correctly (which I don't think I am), having a case dismissed and the files sealed here in CT may be the equivalent to having a case expunged in others. Or does having a case dismissed offer better benefits than expungment? I know this is not the case for a second offence DUI where you have to go through the expungment process regardless, but I think with a first offence it is? Although I will absolutely be disclosing all of this to the BON if/when the time comes, I think I may be in the clear for school & clinicals. I am pretty sure I will be able to legally and safely say "no" for criminal convictions. I am just hoping clinical sites do not ask specifically for dismissed/expunged records or arrest records, because I feel that will put me right back in the same boat. I know that dealing with arrest records is an entirely separate process, and will have to cross that bridge soon enough.

    Anyone reading this, please do not take this as advice for your situation.. I do not know if what I am saying is correct at all...and anyone who does know, please correct me if I am wrong. Just seeing what others know so I can avoid having to pay to talk to a lawyer for as long as possible (although I know that's the best course of action).