NY nursing student past dwi years ago

  1. Hi,
    I know its up to the BON but quick question. I got dwi in a different state 9 years ago. I was just wondering if that will give me difficulties when trying to apply for my license and nclex. i'm about to graduate from my program and it didn't prevent me from entering my program, even with the background check.
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  3. by   SoldierNurse22
    You already said it--it's up to the BON. Many, many nurses have made it through school only to be denied licensure by the BON. It's best to ask anonymously in advance from what I've gleamed from these boards and to be prepared to retain legal counsel if you decide to press on toward your license.
  4. by   Meriwhen
    Yes, a DUI/DWI from another state could very well bite you in the rear when it comes to getting licensed.

    When it comes time to apply for licensure, see what documentation the NY BON wants you to provide. Since the wheels of bureaucracy usually move slow, you'd be wise to start requesting copies of old DMV records, court documents and other paperwork several months before you to apply. If you have any questions about how to answer questions on the application, seek an attorney's advice. We can't provide legal advice here at AN. You can find a list of lawyers versed in dealing with BONs here: TAANA Executive Office - Home

    If and when the BON asks you to appear before them to address this, I strongly recommend that you have that lawyer with you. The BON cares about the safety of the public first and foremost, not about cutting a reformed nurse a break. Hence the lawyer, who will put you first and ensure that you and your needs are represented.

    Nurses with DUIs can and do get licensed. But it's not an easy road, nor is it guaranteed. As the PP has said, many a nurse has gotten accepted to nursing school just to have the BON slam the door in their face. That's because the BON is within its right to review your criminal record and accept or reject you as it sees fit--just because a nursing school accepted you doesn't mean the BON automatically has to grant you a license.

    Best of luck.
  5. by   nyfuturenurse
    Thanks for the advice. I just wanted to update I passed my NCLEX and got my license today. It did take about a week longer than other people I know but I am happy I got it. I sent a letter along with my application explaining what happened, and that I have not been in any trouble since.
  6. by   chillinvillain

    good and solid advice from previous posts. I'd suggest go ahead and starting to draft a statement _now_ about this offence that you could offer the BON. If you do appear they [should] want a statement from you, or for you to have an opportunity to speak your piece. Start this document now; run it by anyone you can think of to get feedback (if you can find people who've been in legal sort of situations or...better...are in defense law, get their opinion ASAP).

    I'll tell you some stuff though I learned in school and in orientation for work that is KEY to making this statement poignant:

    -Analyze very carefully how you "admit guilt". Obviously there is no question of the conviction, but do not make excuses, but don't throw yourself under the bus...this is a tricky balance to dance with, but the next point can help with that.

    -"Remorse" is of utmost importance! Now this doesn't mean grovelling before the BON or anything...in fact that makes (in my opinion) you look less mature in an initial interview. However, demonstrating a sort of regret to the situation is definitely needed. Coupled with the above, this can be a POWERFUL couple/few sentences that play to the humanity of the member(s) reading/listening to your explanation.

    -"Aspiration" is also a good inclusion for this type of thing. Why do you want to be a nurse? Why should they license you? Here is an opportunity to sell yourself to them. I would also suggest being humble here. Saying "Epic: Look it up and there is my face, the 2. definition is "epic nurse"" really isn't going to help you win any hearts...but if you can communicate your desire to nurse with an [original/personal] touch, you will have made yourself real...a face to a name.

    The key to all of this, in any sincere apology to anyone with the power to "hire/fire" is to Admit, Regret, and Commit in a case like yours.

    Draft now, edit often. Here is a simple (non-extensive) example for your situation.

    Hearing Members,
    I have come before you to address the issue of my DWI conviction in [year]. I understand that without context, on paper, my misguided assumption that I was sober to drive that night might seem indicative of my judgement as a person, but I assure you this is absolutely not the case. I hope that my lack of criminal record after this mistake can help validate my character. (if you are like a super student include something about how in school you killed it here, "I maintained a 3.5 GPA in school" etc etc). My commitment to this field was not because it is a "guaranteed job" or "secured for life", it is because I believe that my love of the medical field and wanted to be have the most time with my patient's in order to see them through the healthcare experience. I want to be part of that human part aspect of healthcare, close to the patient.

    I know this is where I belong, and that the mistakes of my past are indeed past. I assure you I will uphold the standard and trust this board benchmarks and if you allow me to license and practice, my judgement and actions will reflect our commitment to patient care and safety.

    Thank you."
    highlight points above are key, subtle things referring to my points above that you need to learn. I will not hold your hand as this is not my battle, but I feel like having a degree in english gives me a certain amount of cencerity in what I'm offering. BEST of luck; I'm rooting for you!

    (and send me some good energy too hahaha, got a stupid bull-crap DUI that hasn't gone to court yet pending. Haven't heard from the BON and don't think I would/will unless there is a conviction given I didn't blow cause the machines in SC are SUPER
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    I have questions for you -- can you please email me ?
  8. by   breezi1
    How far in advance did you get your documents together if you dont mind me asking and how were you able to obtain them from another state? I also had a dui 10 years ago and in another state. Thank you and congrats on passing your nclex!