Misdemeanor Reckless Driving (speeding,no dui)

  1. Hi all nurses!!!
    New to the forum here. I had a question about apllying for nclex with a misdemeanor for recless driving; sppeding 20 miles over the set limit. On the application for licensure i want to answer all questions to the best of my ability and knowledge. My question is, back in 2005 i got a speeding ticket for reckless driving for going over the speed limit by 20 mph (no dui or anyhting else was involved i was just speeding) this is in Virginia by the way. Is this going to affect me being able to sit for the nclex in any way since it was considered a misdemeanor? I graduate in 3 months and this situation is making me very nervous and depressed, i know it was just a speeding ticket however for some reason i can't get this off of my mind, please i would greatly appreciate all the input you guys could give me on this situation. Thanks!
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  3. by   DR.RN
    Unfoutunately the CA BRN has taken the unpresidented step of enforcing aspects of public safety and stating that it is patient safety. Even though the California Business and professional code in no way allows the board this athority, they are withholding license renewals and licensure for issues such as unpaid tickets, DUI's, and even reckless driving. Unfortunately the way the boards legal review process is set up, you may not know for some time whether they are going to take any action at all. Even though you do not have to have a driver's license to practice nursing, the board is taking such action's. Nurses need to start standing up against the board. I believe the focus should be on the hospitals and patient care. That it. Anything else is speculative and illegal. I will be working on such issues for some time as I am also dealing with the boards over reaching athority. Best of luck....
  4. by   Nurse888working
    Hi Dr. Rn. Thank you for your deatailed information. I am actually in the state of Virginia, I valled theVBON and asked the same question to them and they specified it wasnt a big deal and shouldnt be a prob because eventhough it was a misdemeanor for speeding reckless no duis ect were involved. Do you have any info regarding the Va Bon?
  5. by   shara
    You shouldn't have a problem just be sure you are honest on the paperwork. If you try to "beat the system" the system will bite you back. Just be honest and things will work out.