LPN needs help re: encumbered license

  1. I have an encumbrance on my license due to an uncharacteristic act that I committed. It's a misdemeanor, but I'm on 2 years probation with OSBN. The way the wording is upon checking my license makes me look like a drug addicted dirt-bag, but I'm not a drug user. This was a mental health issue.

    Does anyone have any advice as to how I can word my applications so that I don't look like an ass? Upon the advice of my counselor, I have written a cover letter that I attach to applications in which I state that I take full responsibility for my actions and what I'm doing in my life to ensure it doesn't ever happen again.

    I've been out of work since August 2010. Any advice anyone can give me would be most appreciated.
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  3. by   Tiger747
    I have a similar problem. My license is probationary due to a misdemeanor battery I had in 2001.

    I received my license in September of 2010, and here it is May of 2011, and only 3 interviews from 150+ applications. My classmates are switching jobs right and left and every place is hiring-- can't keep nurses.

    I spoke with an attorney who told me it is a waste of time even looking for a job with an encumbered license. Evidently-- and that is the key word, "evidently"-- he was, I am sorry to say, correct.

    It is horribly frustrating and I now have all these student loans. I wish you luck. I really know how you feel. Once you slip, you fall, you stumble, and are labelled for life. I truly believe if more people at the top knew about this there would be a push for a law against this kind of thing. It is discrimination pure and simple.