Livescan/FBI background checks for CA BRN

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    I've been scouring through the board with all the stories of dui/licensing nightmares trying to find answers. My question is this: I'm a CA RN graduated June 2010 - moved to Missouri (Nov 2010) to take care of my mother who is very ill. Two weeks into being here, driving home after a concert, I got a dui (first time offense). I successfully got a new grad job at one of the best hospitals in the nation here because my conviction was still pending at the time I applied. I've been an RN now for almost 2 years. I have a lawyer but he is a friend and really lags on getting back to me and overpromises and underdelivers. He said he could get my charge reduced (didn't) and then said to let him know when I want to move back to Cali and he can get me off probation early (not getting back to me). I'm dying to get back to my happy place in Cali. I allowed my CA license to lapse as I was afraid to disclose my dui....I felt in my gut there was more that could be done (expungement, early probation release). Per the info on the BRN website, I've gathered amazing letters of reference, letters from therapists, done the Victim Impact Panel and SATOP classes right off the bat and held a job at an impressive/high stress hospital... all this while caring for a very sick mom. I am planning to find another lawyer who may know the RN/BON system better before I open Pandora's box to California.

    I am kicking around the idea of running my own livescan fingerprints and FBI rap sheet just in case I've slipped through the cracks as this dui happened in another state and it could miraculously not turn up for California. I have read that FBI records don't keep DUIs on their rap sheet. Have any of you done this before or have advice? I know it is best to disclose to your HR people when you apply, but the BRN is another ballgame. Thanks for any input. It's been hanging on me like a dark cloud ever since that night almost two years ago. <3
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