1. Well I am a R.N. that has surrendered his license in 2002. I held a lic. in N.Y. and N.C. I have not had the opportunity to until now to be able to concentrate on getting it back. Due to finances, living arrangements and things along that nature. I have been clean and sober going on six years. In 2002 I plead guilty to embezzlement of controlled substance which is a felony. This happened in N.C. Now I'm here in Hampton, VA. I am in a veterans facility which has allow me an opportunity to proceed and get the chance to get back, what I gave away. How truly grateful I am for this place. My question is what are my chances having felonies to get my licenses reinstated here in the common wealth of Virginia. Does anyone have any answers, suggestions all will be taken and would be appreciated. Please if you can help this man trying to get back on his feet again. God bless you and thanks. I will gladly accept phone calls as-well. to get my phone number since it is suggested not to post that. Thanks for taking the time out to read this.
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    Please someone contact me about my POST. I need some answers,
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    GoodLooknpr- I emailed you at your address, but will post here as well. I am a hiring manager and have actually hired a nurse before with felony prior drug convictions, so I know that it is possible. You will have to check with the BON of course, but I think I may offer you so hope. In my experience, the board looks for things such as: Are you sober? What did you do to get sober? Are you still active in meetings/ progression (NA/AA/Etc)? They want to know that you took ownership of your issue and that you are committed to staying clean. I do have some contacts that may help you that actually work at the Hampton VA (if she hasn't retired yet). Let me know via email if you need a few words of encouragement.