Got ATT and ready to sit for NCLEX...can they still deny me after I pass?

  1. A brief background story: 32 years old. Graduated with BSN last January. Had 2 prior DUIs from when I was 19 and 22 years old. Both misdemeanors both expunged. I have been battling the BRN for a good 7 months. Got an attorney sent in everything under the sun. FINALLY get a letter saying I'm eligible to take NCLEX. Is this the end of this nightmare?

    I would think so, but I have been hearing that the board can still deny you even after you pass the nclex. Has this happened to anyone? Specifically in California. I know in other states they let you take the nclex almost immediately THEN begin the investigation process if you have a criminal history or omitted information from application. In these scenarios it would make sense to get denied after taking NCLEX, but not in California. People get denial letters denying them the chance to sit for the NCLEX all the time, so one would think since I received the polar opposite of said letter that I would be in the clear, right?

    Again just to reiterate, I was upfront with everything, hid nothing, sent in ever document they have requested over the last 7 months. Why would they allow me to take the test and THEN crush my dreams, ambition, and the general will to get out of bed every morning? Wouldn't they just send me a denial letter with information how to appeal it and/or the option to enter a stipulated agreement with restrictions right out the gate?

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  3. by   amberlys94
    I wish I had the answer to this question. I too got my ATT but am scared to death I can still be denied.