FNP w prior convictions possibility??

  1. Hi! I am wondering what my chances might look like for getting into FNP school! I plan to attend online as I work full time. I graduated with a 3.4 BSN GPA and an ok cumulative (not sure but I know it was above 3.0). My main problem is a dumb DUI and Possession of Marijuana I have on my record from almost 10 years ago. Sometimes, it doesn't come up, but I always admit it on the fore front to be safe. Should I give up applying to FNP school due to this hidious background? Or is there anyone out there that could give me a little hope? I work hard now, have never had charges since being a nurse, never got into trouble or failed drug screens... Just dumb choices as a teenager which haunt me. I am nervous to even apply but I know I have what it takes to succeed if I am given the chance. Let me know you thoughts. PLEASE!!
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  3. by   chiromed0
    I wouldn't say anything unless asked and don't lie. Apply, apply apply..heck, there's lawyers and judges who are ex-cons. Cops with DUI's. Politicians with...you get the point. Don't call yourself out...that's the umpires job. Your job is keep trying to score. If you've been convicted then you have paid a price, quit trying to make it a life sentence. The scars will remain unless you can get them expunged b/c of the age you were, etc. When you can financially afford it I would look at getting an expungement lawyer and see what they can do.

    Also, I don't think it's the MSN that's the issue it's whether they are apprehensive about your drug use, state board approval or hospital policies, etc. If they let you take a spot with a conviction but knowing you will not get a job then it takes someone else out of the running. My guess is your hiccups are NOT disqualifiers, you just need some help to wade through it. I would meet with the admissions boards "in person" even if it's an online program. They need to have their concerns assuaged. If you don't want to do NP then get an MSN in something else.

    Don't stop...just don't stop. I can't stand it when I hear people who feel like giving up b/c of something you have already gotten past in their life. You're not supposed to be perfect, that's how you learn.