Dozing off at work trouble

  1. I need help on what to do,I moved from Texas to Illinois in May 2012 and found out two weeks later that I was been investigated for sleeping on duty so I could not turn in my endorsement form for licensing until after the investigation was completed and the verdict reached. Texas completed their investigation and gave me a warning with stipulation in which I had to go through an online course of 3.6 hours and a 6 hours class that I flew to Houston to attend,I have since turned in my certificate of completion but Texas board of nursing still required I work in Texas for one year in which I will be monitored under an RN for one year with restrictions to workplace settings. Illinois is not forthcoming with the endorsement as they are taking their time forwarding from one department to the other, please I need help in what to do,o I drive down to springfield to find out what is delaying and what I have to do or do I contact an attorney to present my case before the board of nursing or do I go back to Texas and complete the monitoring,I will really appreciate all comments because I am tired of the job I'm doing at the moment driving cab and been a single mom,I'm at risk of losing my son due to moving up and down with him and his dad claiming I'm not giving him stability but I need a better job to make life easy fo my son,I don't mind response in my mailbox either, thanks
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