Can I still be a Nurse if I have a ACD? (NYC)

  1. Hello all

    I' am fairly new to the forums and I've been recently worrying a lot about my future regarding nursing. This past December, I've been in the park after dark and got a summons for it. Today was my court date and I was granted an ACD which will end on September 10, 2013. I've been told that my case will be sealed forever and it will be like this never happened. But I was told that this was not true and now I'm wondering if this will show up on my background checks. I know the Board of Nursing is really strict when it comes to misdemeanors and felonies so I have a few questions:

    1. When applying to nursing schools, do I have to put that I was convicted of a crime/misdemeanor/felony on my applications after my ACD is over?
    2. Even if I get into Nursing school, will this prevent me from getting my license?

    Thanks in advance everyone! I'm just extremely worried because my dream is to become a nurse and I would hate it just disappear due to my poor decisions.
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