Application denial process, criminal conviction

  1. Hello, I have submitted an application for NCLEX and have a history with conviction. The end result is that I actually dont have a conviction (felony/misdemeanor), however, they still do look at the previous case anyway so I know there possibly will be issues with my application process. If anyone had a conviction, what is the process after you submitted your application (time wise and steps). Thank you so much. Major anxiety ='(.
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  3. by   newnurse Fresno
    You are in Cali? Go do a live scan on yourself to see what come up. If you have a CONVICTION you must disclose it. You must submit court documents, and evidence of rehabilitation. Get letters from your instructors. If it's a drug or alcohol related conviction, go to meetings and get a sign in sheet for proof. If you go to church or bible study , get a letter. Also if you do have a conviction, look into getting it expunged. You still have to disclose but it helps. I had a very ugly record and got my unrestricted license. It was a long process but I did it! You can too. Also all court docs must be certified. It's like 25$ a copy. Good luck!! Don't give up!
  4. by   newnurse Fresno
    Also be patient. I submitted my paper work and waited about a month, only to find out I was missing certified docs, and then once I sent them I would say another 6 weeks for ATT.