2 counts of petty theft, 1 expunged, 1 deferred and then dismissed, am I SoL?

  1. I have two cases of petty theft on my record, one from 2008 in OR which I am in the process of expunging, and a deferred and dismissed case with no conviction entered from 2016 in CA. Both were for shoplifting small amounts of food in moments of desperation and extremely poor decision making. I have been making a lot of effort in redirecting my path in life and have always been good at helping people and caring for others. I have been very seriously considering getting by CNA certification but am wondering if these 2 incidents would bar me from reaching my goal. I know I would need to report both incidents to the BoN, and I all paperwork/character references proving that I am in fact a decent person. Can anyone shed light on this? I'm afraid of jumping into a CNA training program and realizing at the end of it all that my license was denied because in my 20's I made terrible decisions. Thanks everyone for your input.

    Edit: strange that it says this was posted at 2:01 am, when it's approximately 6:24 pm here right now and I posted it about 20 minutes ago.
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