*OLD* DUI, applying for NP license

  1. I got a DUI 12 years ago in 2006 (no accidents/injuries/passengers, BAC 0.13%) before starting nursing school. Became an RN, changed my life around, had a family, grew up, yada yada. Just finished NP school and turned in my NP license application to the CA BRN today.

    What do you think- do I have anything to worry about? My friends tell me I'm crazy to worry, but then again, my friends have not had to deal with the BRN regarding DUIs. A rational person would say that if the BRN was ok with my DUI when it was only 2 years old (got my RN license in 2008), they should be ok with it now that it's a decade older. But I am not convinced that the BRN thinks like a "rational" person, and I hear that they are more strict than they once were. I also wonder if they are more strict with NP vs RN licenses, since NPs are prescribers and maybe considered higher profile (seems to me the BRN is very concerned with protecting the profession's image).

    I am working on my expungement, turned in all the paperwork I have, wrote a lovely letter explaining my personal growth and achievements, and am planning to get a few letters submitted from coworker-types. The only thing I don't have is certified copies of arrest reports or court documents (just uncertified ones), and I am not sure how to go about getting those- I live hours away from where I was arrested, and the court clerk does not answer the phone.

    So at this point, I figure I've done all I can do easily- but I suppose i could get even more letters from people, try to track down certified copies of things, turn in ACLS/BLS licenses, (seems like overkill since I just completed three years of grad school), receipt of my PTA dues, pictures of me volunteering in my kid's classroom (please note that this rant has entered the realm of the sarcastic), not sure what else? For those of you who know what's up, do you think I should bother going for broke submitting all the extras? Or is the BRN not going to be as strict since it's been forever and they already okayed it once? I've read through the posts but haven't found any situations similar to mine in CA to refer to. Please look into your crystal balls and tell me what to do Also open to tips on obtaining certified court docs. TIA!
    Bonus question- do I need to lie to the BRN and say I'm sober? I don't drink much, and when I do, I don't drive. I am way too busy for that, plus being hungover with two young kids sounds awful. I hope they are okay with honesty... I was never an alcoholic (just made a bad mistake when I was young and dumb). But I know they like to treat anyone with a past like addicts :/
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  3. by   txagg
    Do you have an update on this? I hope everything went well and you got your NP license.