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Nursing Lab- Label & Inventory

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I am looking for some advice on organizing a nursing lab (the supplies) and inventorying. I just stepped into this role as the Lab/Simulation coordinator and there does not seem to be a system for tracking supplies to monitor use and need for reorder. 

Furthermore, there are no labels on things that students are able to 'check-out' such as BP cuffs, stethoscopes, and portable pulse ox machines. This has lead to many supplies disappearing. I think it would be beneficial to label these items with a numerical system so that when they are checked out they can be tracked more efficiently. However, I am concerned that the labels from a label maker are easy to peel off. Any suggestions?


I am open to any and all suggestions! I have been trying to research different ideas and not coming up with much. Thank you!


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Fortunately I inherited a nursing lab fairly organized. Still had to update some things as far as labeling. I did have to create a master list of supplies  and at the end of each term I take inventory to see what needs we have. If I were you I'd definitely get a sign-up system of sorts so that students AND faculty are held accountable when they retrieve lab equipment. 

I'm new to my role and still learning the ropes as I go. Hope this helps. 

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