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nursing jobs most similar to social work

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here's the thing. I like medical/ health and I also like social work and mental health so I figured I would combine the two and maybe go into psych nursing. I was thinking of getting a masters in medical social work but I heard that that is pretty much a dying field because all the social work jobs in the hospitals are now being replaced by nurses in many cases.

I have a good understanding of what each job entails it is just a matter of deciding on one.

So what do you think, should I pursue mental health nursing over social work?

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I think you'd need to have a good understanding of what is involved in becoming a nurse in the first place: years of pre-requisite courses, core nursing classes, and varied clinical rotations. Psych is one component, but you will need to go through a lot of work before getting to be a licensed nurse....and then, HOPEFULLY get into the specialty you desire (also, probably after quite a bit of work as a nurse, although some do go from graduation to their choice job. But not usually).

Be very sure you want to be a NURSE before going through all of that time, work, effort, and money! :)


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I find hospice nursing to be a nice blend of bedside nursing, education, and psych/social work...