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  • by kindone
    Specializes in dialysis.

Hi everyone! I am an RN currently living in Omaha, NE. My partner just got a job in the Portland area and it looks like we will be relocating to PDX next week. I have over a year and a half experience working at a world renowned transplant center specializing in liver, pancreas, small bowel and kidney transplant complications. Even with this experience under my belt, I am concerned I may have a difficult time finding a job. The Portland nursing field is tough to get into! I have been applying for nursing jobs in Portland ahead of time online and have sent my resume and cover letter to a variety of hospitals. So far I have heard....a big fat nothing! I loved my job working in transplant as an RN in Omaha regardless of the high stress levels and enormous learning curve I faced as a new graduate. I would love to continue with transplant nursing but honestly would be open to almost anything. My nursing skill set is specialized, but after some of the patients I've taken care of I can honestly say I can pretty much do it all and pick up anything (humblely). I really need a job, so if anybody out there in the Portland area can help me out I am open to any and all ideas and suggestions. Peace, love and happiness!!!

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