San Diego Job Market Outlook and Pay

  1. Hi everyone!
    I was hoping to get some general feedback on the job market for RN's in San Diego :-) I know, that's where everyone wants to be! The little bit that I have read on here so far is discouraging, but the posts were a few years old. I know in general it's tougher to find jobs.
    I am a CICU RN, BSN at Loma Linda University Medical Center. By the time I will be looking at moving (next year roughly), I will have had 8 years experience in the Cardiac ICU. I will also hopefully have my CCRN, and am planning on cross-training on VADS, heart recovery, etc.
    So, here is my mile long list of questions. In general, which hospitals would you recommend? I love working at a University Hospital; anyone out there work at UCSD, and how do you like it? I realize I can't be picky at this point, so I am willing to try out other ICU's, outpatient, whatever is out there. Again, ANY advice and feedback for any facility is appreciated!
    I have also heard rumors that RN's do not get paid very well considering the much higher cost of living. I can't seem to find any solid hourly rates anywhere. Does anyone mind volunteering what they get paid and where they work?
    I would also be interested in a travel agency, or if I have to, registry. Seems a little scary to dive right into that at this point, but I'll do what I have to do! So if anyone out there works or has worked for a travel agency or registry, any information would help.
    Thanks so much!!
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