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  1. Hey all!
    I'm trying this all nurses for some help!

    I have been an RN, BSN for almost 6 years now and have realized that my passion is in psychology/behavioral health/pediatric/child advocacy.

    Im in the transition part of my career right now. I am interested in getting a DNP so I can then get a specialty education degree in psychology/behavioral health. At least, thats all Ive come up with to get me with where I want to be.

    Til' then, I need a JOB! I quit my job of 5 plus years a month ago and figured I'd have a job or at least some idea of where I'm going by now.

    I applied and was interviewed for a school nurse position which seemed awesome and the interview went well, but they declined me and filled the position with someone else. The other job I applied for and had an interview with wants me to shadow the environment next week, which I'll do but Im not sure if its what I want to be doing.

    It's pediatrics which will get my foot in the door, but its Ortho which I know hardly anything about and am not that interested in. I've been a cardiac nurse for all these years and realized I'm not that interested in the medical surgical.

    Im excited and hopeful because I realize this could be an opportunity to learn more and advance in my career, but I'm becoming inpatient.

    I know travel nursing is always a back up and I have a recruiter on hold for when I say I want to travel, but I would be working in hospitals and doing the nursing that I want to get away from, but ill know I have a job and insurance. anyways, seeing if anyone out there could relate and help me with this. thanks so much for your time. Blessings to you!
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