Questions for any nurses working in Tampa/Lakeland/Orlando

  1. Hi!

    I don't post much (okay, at all... think I did once) here, but I read on here a lot... haven't had much need to ask many questions re: job hunting, as I've been content at my current hospital for almost 12 yrs.

    But now my husband and I are considering a move to this area of Florida, and I could use some "insider information" on the hospitals here. Florida Hospital, Orlando Regional, Tampa General, Lakeland Regional... even the more "specialized hospitals" like Winnie Palmer.

    I have 15 years experience as a Labor & Delivery/Postpartum nurse... I am what we call a "float pool nurse" up here in NY, and I do both kinds of nursing, depending on which unit is busiest the night I'm on. I'm a night-shifter, doing 3 12hr nights/wk, and am looking to continue that. I also "scrub" for all our c-sections, as I have experience as a scrub nurse in the main OR from years ago. My hospital is a High Risk Obstetrical hospital, with a Level 1 NICU, so my experience ranges from your normal "everyday" healthy patients to the very hig risk OB patients.

    I am curious about the pay range for experienced nurses, as well as off shift benefits, such as what the evening/night shift differentials are.

    I am also curious about healthcare benefits... I hold our benefits up here, as the benefits at my hospital are MUCH cheaper than what my husband's company offers.

    Thank you for ANY input on the area in regards to any of these areas... I'd really appreciate it!
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  3. by   FLOBRN
    Ok let me have a stab at this..

    Lakeland Regional is union (I know shocking isn't it.) They are a level 2, probably doing about 2500 deliveries a year and increasing. They have LDR, CNM's, OB's and OB Hospitalists. They are becoming a teaching hospital for medical students. They are getting ready to build a new tower which will house a new OB unit. The nurses are mandated to wear Black/White scrubs.

    All the HCA hospitals in Fl now belong to the NNOC (which started as the Ca Nurses Assoc). Brandon Regional is one that comes to mind. The RN's at Brandon are mandated to wear royal blue.

    In Tampa, BayCare is a good employer, benefits are good. You get a yearly bonus. You can but do not have to work at any BayCare hospital. They have everything from level 1 to level 3. 16 years experience gave me a base pay rate 2 years ago of about 3
    $31/hr. It was $3/hr more than I made at Winter Haven Hospital. Cerner is the charting system.

    Winter Haven is also a level 2 doing about 1700 deliveries a year. OB drs and OB hospitalists. Regency Medical center is the MCN center and is a mile and a half down the road from the "big house". You need ACLS. The Resp Therapists there are stellar! They do all the neonatal intubations and are extremely skilled. The nurses are mandated to wear Black/White scrubs. It's a Magnet hospital with their second certification. Navicare WatchChild is the charting system. HOWEVER, they are joining BayCare this year so hourly and benefits will improve. BayCare mandates royal blue for nurses.

    Sarasota Memorial is also a level 3. Very cutting edge. Their perinatologist is Dr Washington Hill.

    Hourly rates and shift diff are variable. At Winter Haven I was at $26/hr and then went to $31 at BayCare. I do not know any other money/benefits info.

    I hope this helps a little.

    Edited to add: Lakeland is actively recruiting. BayCare always has openings because they are so large. BayCare also has their own in house travelers.
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