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  1. So, I worked for a hospital that got taken over by Piedmont Healthcare. I worked there about 6 months after the Piedmont switch before I got another job closer to family. I gave a months notice, was in good standing as far as i know, with good performance reviews. I recently decided to go back to school, and did a background check and reference check before applying to programs (I'm naturally thorough/paranoid). The Piedmont HR confirmed my dates of employment, but declined to confirm either that I gave notice, or whether I was eligible for rehire. Does anyone know if this is their standard procedure? I'm particularly concerned because I may need to do clinicals at this facility as I pursue my advanced degree. Any advice?
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  3. by   Chadqueen
    I'm at Manager at Piedmont. This is Piedmont's standard response. Dates of employment and eligibility to be rehired. That's all we provide. Don't worry, seems completely normal.
  4. by   Daniali
    As I stated though, they DIDN'T confirm rehire eligibility or that notice was given. They didn't say I wasn't eligible for rehire, or that I was. They only confirmed dates. So I'm right to be concerned if normally they do confirm rehire status?
  5. by   Chadqueen
    No need to worry. There is never a conversation about giving a notice. That would be unusual, and the HR person confirming dates of employment would have no way to know you gave a notice.