Nursing near Daytona Beach, FL

  1. Hello, my fiance just got hired for a big job in Deland, FL. Now I am in pursuit of finding a new nursing job in that vicinity. I started nursing in Kansas City, MO (where I am from), but have been practicing in TN over the past year (moved here to be with my fiance). I have been a nurse for six years, the last two years being in the neurosurgical ICU. Can anyone tell me about the hospitals in that area, which ones are the best to work for, ect???? Also, if anyone knows anything about the nursing laws in FL that might be different from other states? Any advice or knowledge on this topic would be appreciated. Thank you!
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    BTW, this post is from Sept 26th, 2012. Any comments on the current rates of pay would be greatly appreciated, too. Thanks!