nurses that took up nutrition as a career choice?

  1. Hello my fellow nurses

    I am an ENT nurses with 5 years experience post graduation. However i always wanted to be a doctor but due to financial reasons i couldn't pursue it. Initially i wasn't keen on studying nursing but i was given the option that once i do, i can have direct entry into medicine. Hence i pursued nursing. But once i did i did realize it isn't bad at all in fact very enriching and rewarding profession. At same time (no offence) i did see how some doctors did perform badly despite being qualified doctors and always were the nurses who provided advice to them. I did a good job being a nurse so why pursue being a doctor henceforth. But i also knew for a fact i wanted to study further so i wished to be a dietitian instead. After nursing i did study further two years in human nutrition and also gained associate nutritionist certification. But I have been still working as an ENT nurse.

    Here's the catch. I have to apply for masters in nutrition to be a full fledged dietitian however i have to describe how i applied nutrition in my work field. This is where i am lost as to what information i could add to the university.

    Any nurses here who have pursued nutrition post nursing here? and could anyone advice what essay could be done about? How do nurses fair in the nutrition field?

    Hope to hear from you soon
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