Moving to Denver (from ABQ) once school ends...

  1. Hi all,

    I've been utilizing this great site for some time now and thought I would finally join.

    I'll be graduating from UNM's BSN program in Albuquerque in December of this year, and plan to flee this city in search of greener pastures in Denver, CO once I do.

    I know nothing about Denver RN jobs, the economy...even the types of jobs I should pursue. Of course I have my areas of interests, but I try to stay realistic and remember that finding jobs as a GN can be tough (from others' experience), and that in this economy, even with the "shortage," nursing jobs still may be hard to come by.

    Any tips for:
    1. GN jobs in the Denver area
    2. Where I might want to consider working as a new nurse
    3. Any last-minute ways to diversify myself as a new nurse so I have a better shot at jobs (or does this matter little, too?) -- I worked in EMS/ERs as a tech before nursing school, so I'm not without any real-life experience, but no nursing internships, etc. as of yet.

    Thanks in advance


    EDIT: I am interested in COMMUNITY/public health nursing jobs as much as I am more traditional, hospital ones. Additional tips of these types of opportunities would be much appreciated, too.
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