Initiative vs borderline harassment

  1. So, I had a great interview with a DON of an intermediate med floor on Friday for a general position on her floor. By the end of the interview, she had told me that there would be a per diem position posted and and was kind of offering me the position unofficially. Fast forward to Friday night - she had called my cell phone and left a voice mail to confirm that I would apply to the posted position on the job website so that she would be able to "take the next steps". Sounds pretty promising, right? I call her on Monday to follow up, and told her that there was no such position posted, and what should I do. And she seemed super distracted and kinda forgot she had left me a voice mail on Friday, and the conversation as a whole left me feeling a bit unsettled. I genuinely believe that she was probably super busy and kind of had her mind on other things.

    This position is at a large teaching hospital and I do NOT want to just let this go, but if there's no position posted - then I can't really be hired. Do I email this DON today or just wait for a position to be posted and then kind of email her then? I am really terrible at being patient and would so love this job.

    Any insight/advice?
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  3. by   Benedina
    That's tricky, isn't it? But just keep the email brief, pleasant, professional. Something like: Hi, Ms. Superbusy. Just wanted to follow up on your phone call of Friday (put date here). I've checked the website daily, and I haven't yet seen posted the per diem position we discussed on (whenever). I'll keep checking the site, but I wanted to touch base with you in case there's another avenue for application I missed in our discussion. Thanks, Brendacg (phone #)

    Not remotely harassing. I probably wouldn't call anymore, though, but stick to email until she calls you.

    Did you not check the website on Friday, by the way, when she called you? Unfortunately these positions are sometimes posted only for hours. Just a possibility that crosses my mind: that the position was posted briefly on Friday and is now pulled.

  4. by   brendacg
    I have been checking the website obsessively since Friday, haha. It's possible that maybe the position was posted for internal candidates, or maybe she posted the position for a PCA and not an RN. I'm going to shoot her an email tomorrow or possibly Friday, and maybe she can let me know if she is going to post anything then. Thank you for your advice!