Cook Children's Nurse Residency February 2018 cohort

  1. Just wanted to start a thread on the Feb 2018 cohort for Cook Children's in Fort Worth, TX. I know that this is the week they start calling for interviews, so if you get any updates please let us know!
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  3. by   Shelby_M_P
    I'm so nervous! I'm glad they let us know when they are scheduling interviews but on the other hand it is going to be a stressful week!
  4. by   imaginaryfriend
    I am just curious how many they are taking this cohort.
  5. by   Shelby_M_P
    Yeah I'm wondering that too. I'm sure they take less since less nursing students graduate in December but I'm not sure how many that could be. I didn't hear anything today so 4 more days to go!
  6. by   HayleyPaul06
    Hey guys! I applied as well for this cohort and I'm pretty sure I have checked my application stations a million times to see if there has been a change! I'm so nervous that I have done something wrong to mess it up. I know that the Lord has a perfect plan for each of us and I keep trying to remind myself that no matter what the outcome is I will end up exactly where I need to be - but it is HARD! Praying for each and everyone of you walking into this new chapter ... I know we have all worked so incredibly hard to get here!! Hopefully we will get to meet soon!!! Good luck!! Keep us updated if anyone hears anything!! <3
  7. by   Shelby_M_P
    I will definitely let you know if I hear of anything! I think I check my email 500 times a day! We have all worked extremely hard and I also believe we will eventually find our way. Cook Children's is one of my top choices and I am praying we hear something soon!
  8. by   futureRN1212
    Hi everyone! I appreciate all of the positivity and support from everyone It is so nice that we are all in the same boat. I applied for the perioperative track and am anxiously awaiting a phone call about an interview. It would be awesome if we can all update each other with any progress. Did anyone else apply for the perioperative track?
  9. by   HayleyPaul06
    I applied for critical care, but any of the tracks are going to be nothing short of amazing! I had such a hard time choosing!
  10. by   Shelby_M_P
    I also applied for critical care! If we didn't have to select a track I would have been open to any of them, it does seem like they are all great opportunities!
  11. by   JocelynM
    I'm glad I'm not the only one hovering over my phone. It's now Wednesday and I haven't heard anything. Have y'all?? This is my first choice so I'm praying I get it! I applied for med surg track. Good luck to everyone!! ❤
  12. by   Shelby_M_P
    Yeah it is definitely scary because it's already Wednesday! I hope someone hears something soon!
  13. by   lgs21794
    Still nothing on my end as well! So scary but staying positive. Good luck to all I am praying for us all
  14. by   Shelby_M_P
    Has anyone heard anything today? Tomorrow is Thursday!