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Just wanted to start a thread on the Feb 2018 cohort for Cook Children's in Fort Worth, TX. I know that this is the week they start calling for interviews, so if you get any updates please let us... Read More

  1. by   HayleyPaul06
    No but about 5 minutes ago my status changed to yellow with no explanation
  2. by   HayleyPaul06
    I just got the denial email ... on to the next!
  3. by   JocelynM
    Hey let us know when you guys go for interviews at Cook and how it goes for y'all! Good luck!
  4. by   Leesasnyder2
    Mine is tomorrow!!! So nervous, any advice if you have had yours already?!
  5. by   JocelynM
    Mine is tomorrow too!!! I'm so nervous. I haven't heard from anyone who's gone this year so I don't know what to expect
  6. by   amym_frmd
    Has anyone heard how many are interviewing and how many they are hiring for each track?
  7. by   JocelynM
    I haven't heard how many are interviewing. The girl that gave me a tour said for the July cohort they took 15 med surg, 15 critical care, and 3-4 periop but that for our cohort, they hadn't decided yet because they have to base it on how many positions are available but I would imagine it's similar to the July cohort.
  8. by   amym_frmd
    Oh wow that's a lot more than I thought they would hire! I emailed Nancy Murphy yesterday and she said "I think around 80 interviews". I'm assuming that number is all three tracks combined. Good luck everyone!
  9. by   JocelynM
    Oh wow 80 seems like a lot to interview! Good luck to y'all! How did you feel the interview went and what track did you apply for?
  10. by   amym_frmd
    I interviewed for the Critical Care Track. I felt pretty good about my interview. There were a few behavioral questions that made me stop & think but I felt pretty confident with the case study. How about you?
  11. by   JocelynM
    That's awesome! I felt pretty good too. I felt like I answered everything the best I could. It's going to be a long 10 days until we hear back anything.
  12. by   amym_frmd
    Has anyone heard anything yet?
  13. by   JocelynM
    Not yet. Have you?

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