Cook Children's Nurse Residency February 2018 cohort - page 2

Just wanted to start a thread on the Feb 2018 cohort for Cook Children's in Fort Worth, TX. I know that this is the week they start calling for interviews, so if you get any updates please let us... Read More

  1. by   JocelynM
    I just got called at 3:04, and they offered me an interview! I applied for the med surg track so I'm not sure if they are calling each track on certain days or what, but good luck to everyone!!! Please keep us updated!!! <3
  2. by   Shelby_M_P
    Awesome! Congratulations! It is great to know they have contacted at least one person! Are you doing an in-person interview or a Skype interview?
  3. by   HayleyPaul06
    Not a word 😭
  4. by   JocelynM
    They called me so late and no one else has heard so I bet a lot of people will get calls tomorrow! Praying for y'all! I'm doing an in person interview in 2 weeks.
  5. by   HayleyPaul06
    Did your application status change on the site? Congrats!!! <3
  6. by   JocelynM
    No, it still says that it is being reviewed and they will notify me of any changes basically. Thank you!
  7. by   lgs21794
    Hi everyone! I got a call around 230 PM today to interview for the periop track. It seemed like they were making calls all week so everyone have faith and I am rooting for you all. And congratulations Jocelyn
  8. by   JocelynM
    Awesome!! Congrats to you too!!
  9. by   HayleyPaul06
    Yay!! I'm really getting concerned! I wonder if they will email us or something if we don't get a call? Hopefully! I'd rather no it's just NO then not hear anything at all! so excited for those receiving calls! Yay!
  10. by   JocelynM
    Praying this is the day for a lot of you! Please keep us updated. Fingers crossed!
  11. by   HayleyPaul06
    (( I don't think I'll be getting a call! So excited for those that did I'll be praying you guys through the process! Keep us posted!!
  12. by   HayleyPaul06
    Hey Shelby! Did you get a call?
  13. by   Shelby_M_P
    I didn't, which is disappointing, but it's okay. What about you?