Common Hiring Practice at Alberta Health Services or Covenant Health

  1. Hello,
    I applied for a job with Covenant Health last week as an external candidate, and my potential supervisor at Covenant Health told one of my references that the position I applied to was already taken by internal candidate, but she said she will post a new opening next week and that I should apply for that position.

    Is it a common hiring practice at AHS/Covenant Health that a Regular position would be posted on their careers website, but often the regular position is taken by internal employee in the department, and the hiring manager will post a casual opening for the same job to replace the worker who got the regular position?

    Just wondering.

    Thank you,
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  3. by   nellie272003
    Yes! This is common everywhere. By law the organizations (I worked at AHS) have to offer a position externally as well as internally. Chances are the position will go to an internal candidate because nursing is all about hierarchy.
    Sad but true. But the good news is once you get into an organization, especially a large organization like AHS, you will be there always (lol). So don't ever quit if you are in AHS, but instead look for transfer opportunities.
  4. by   cait.89
    Unfortunately once you get in with AHS you will discover this is all too common practice. A majority of managers may have someone already in mind for the position which limits your chances with positions that are posted. I know how you feel, but keep pushing and apply for everything and anything. Once you get in, you're set.